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  1. Operation: Iraqi Freedom
  2. Iraqi WMDs
  3. Syria
  4. Iran
  5. India/Pakistan
  6. Navy: Iraqis Know MIA Pilot's Whereabouts
  7. Iraq Elections
  8. New York Times Cuts Patriotism from Marine's Letter
  9. Recruit Loses 230 Pounds To Enlist In Army
  10. " Force Multipliers "
  11. Developments in Jordan (The Hashemite Kingdom)
  12. War/Combat footage
  13. Hamas
  14. Global Military Footprint
  15. Mainstream Western Media: Blatant Treason
  16. War in the US; when will it come?
  17. Saddam Ordered Suicide Attacks on U.S. Targets
  18. World War IV
  19. Facts about Iraq; Good Info
  20. Bush's appeasement plan for Iran
  21. *UPDATE* Michael Moore Sued by Iraq War Vet
  22. Witness Account Of Fight With Taleban
  23. Argentina In New Battle Over The Falklands
  24. Current World Situation - Start:11 July 2006-Today
  25. Reported Submarine Activity on US East Coast
  26. Pentagon Keeps Eye On War Videos
  27. The Brink of Madness
  28. Jihad leader's suicide bomb warning
  29. World War II
  30. Nuclear war starting in 10 days?
  31. An interview with the general
  32. The Grand Pattern Emerges
  33. Is there a Secret Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance? (add China,Turkey and Brazil)
  34. A Far-Fetched "What If"
  35. Army mounts coup in Thailand
  36. US Denies Al Qaeda Claim (Abu Ayyub al Masri greased?)
  37. Gurkha Spirit Triumphs In Siege Of Nawzad, Afghanistan
  38. Bush to deny use of outer space?
  39. High Stakes: The War in Iraq, the Election and America's Future
  40. Japan
  41. NY Times Has No Shame
  42. Zawahiri Was Target in U.S. Attack
  43. Civil war is coming to Europe
  44. Saddam to Die in 2006?
  45. France Test-Fires Unarmed Nuclear Weapon
  46. U.S. naval armada set to sail into Gulf to 'intimidate' Iran
  47. The day after
  48. Disembowelled and murdered for teaching girls
  49. "Juba" the Baghdad Sniper Captured!
  50. the day after the day after
  51. Afghanistan
  52. The Unknown War in Thailand
  53. Somali Islamic leader issues war declaration on Ethiopia
  54. Iraqi Civil War
  55. Deadline looms as US toll reaches 3,000
  56. Thoughts on 01/10/07 Presidential Speech
  57. Mark Steyn: 'New Dark Ages' Coming
  58. Doomsday Clock
  59. Saudi-Iran Clash Via Lebanese
  60. Four U.S. Soldiers Abducted, Shot
  61. America At War....
  62. Hillary Vows To End War
  63. The Cold, Hard Truth about Deaths in Iraq
  64. The axis of evil, five years later
  65. A Gathering of Eagles
  66. Indian Army's wargames to test reflexes against nuke,bio attacks
  67. Dad of fallen Marine gives Bush pen for veto
  68. The War on Women
  69. Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran
  70. Mega Mosque 2012
  71. NATO Says: Iran Caught Red-Handed Shipping Arms to Taliban
  72. The War's Upon Us
  73. New Photos Show Secret Pakistan Plutonium Plant
  74. The Coming War in Pakistan
  75. The “hot” summer
  76. US troops must go, Iran tells Iraqi PM
  77. Why does Iran want enriched uranium?
  78. Iraqi Government Revokes Blackwater License
  79. Royal Marine Lifts Two-Ton Truck Off Drowning Comrade During Afghanistan Gun Battle
  80. Chinese Weapons Surface in Afghanistan
  81. Thailand selects Swedish fighters & Early Warning aircraft
  82. U.S. air strikes on PKK weighed
  83. Dangerous Cuba-Iran Kinship
  84. Islamist-Communist Alliance in South Asia: Hyperbole or Hazard?
  85. Islamic Terrorists To Attack The Internet
  86. Anti-War Billionaire George Soros Funded Iraq Study
  87. Kosovo Declares Its Independence
  88. Five Severed Fingers
  89. Michigan Man Accused of Helping Saddam Set Up Pre-War Visit to Iraq by U.S. Lawmakers
  90. Remains of Soldier Missing Since ’04 Are Found in Iraq
  91. Freed British Reporter
  92. Suspected U.S. missile fired in NW Pakistan
  93. War In November?
  94. Thailand And Cambodia Teeter On Edge Of Conflict At Cliff-Top Temple
  95. Russia-Georgia War
  96. World War Three Thread....
  97. Russia's next conquest: Ukraine's government falls apart
  98. ALERT! US War Plane Down in IRAN
  99. US agrees to changes in Iraq security pact
  100. Nuclear weapons use more likely in future: US intelligence
  101. 2008 Military Spend Hits Record On Iraq, Russia, China - Study
  102. Marines Waiting on Basic Supplies in Afghanistan
  103. U.S. Military: F-15 Fighter Jet Crashes in Afghanistan, Two Crew Killed
  104. Heritage Foundation notes today
  105. Russia and Ukraine in Intensifying Standoff
  106. Britain Asks Allies for More Troops in Afghanistan
  107. American Troops In Afghanistan Losing Heart, Say Army Chaplains
  108. Dog Lost In Afghan Battle Returns
  109. 'We've Lost Today': 4 U.S. Marines Die In Afghan Ambush
  110. Judge Tosses Blackwater Case, Cites Gov't Missteps
  111. The Sand Pit...
  112. New U.S. Air Strategy In Afghanistan: First, Do No Harm
  113. Cyberwarfare - China
  114. Mullah Omar Captured!
  115. Taliban Using Chemical Weapons Against US Troops? 4-5 Troops Reportedly Fall Ill
  116. McChrystal Out, Patraeus In
  117. Biden travels to Iraq to mark end of U.S. combat mission
  118. Petraeus Condemns U.S. Church's Plan to Burn Qurans
  119. The Middle East Crusade
  120. "New World Order" - The REAL one....
  121. Spies, Lies and US embassy cables leak
  122. Emergency Training For US Vets and Reserves?
  123. Ratko Mladic arrested:
  124. Watch: Inside a Truck, Blown to Hell in Afghanistan
  125. Under Obama the US Casualty Rate In Afghanistan Increases, Where's the Media?
  126. Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Kills Members of SEAL Team 6
  127. Captive U.S. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl 'Recaptured By Taliban After Three Days On The Run
  128. Russia's links to 9-11
  129. Predicting Conflict in 2012
  130. Report: Classified US Document Says Taliban Ready To Take Power In Afghanistan
  131. Iraq Pullout
  132. Afghan Soldier Opens Fire, Kills 2 U.S. Troops In Rioting Over Koran Burning
  133. Obama enroute to Korea DMZ
  134. The new cold war: Militaries vie for control of Arctic
  135. Are Olympic missiles just for show?
  136. Gauss Malware: What You Need to Know
  137. US Forces In Afghanistan Ordered To Keep Weapons Loaded At All Times
  138. With East Asian Missile Defense, U.S. Sends a Clear Message to China
  139. Obama Issues Memorandum Waiving Penalties For Nations Using Child Soldiers
  140. Foes Now Friends: US Stealth Pilot And The Serb Who Shot Him Down
  141. Soviet War Veteran Found In Afghanistan After 33 Years
  142. Scrapping Equipment Key To Afghan Drawdown
  143. US To Spend $771M On Planes Afghans Can’t Use
  144. Marine Who Urinated On Taliban Dead Says He’d Do It Again
  145. Al Qaeda Drives Iraq Toward Chaos
  146. Pentagon: ‘Insider Attacks’ in Afghanistan on Coalition Forces Spiking
  147. The 12-Year War: 73% of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan on Obama's Watch
  148. NATO: 3 Troops Killed In Afghan Insider Attack
  149. Marine Corps Folds Storied Base In Afghanistan
  150. Afghanistan Gains Will Be Lost Quickly After Drawdown, US Intelligence Estimate Warn
  151. Taliban Claim To Have Captured A US Dog Of War
  152. Five NATO Troops Killed In Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
  153. Taliban Prisoner Swap Frees U.S. Soldier Held Nearly 5 Years
  154. New Hampshire Marine Killed In Afghanistan
  155. U.S. General Is Reportedly Killed by an Afghan Soldier
  156. Air Strikes Against ISIS/Khorasan Targets In Syria and Iraq
  157. War is in our Genes
  158. Isis says it will conquer europe
  159. Congressman Pushes Army On Why It Revoked Green Beret's Silver Star
  160. Maersk Tigris siezed by Iranians
  161. 135 countries
  162. Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet
  163. Five Reasons The U.S. Army Will Lose Its Next War In Europe -- Maybe In 2017
  164. U.S. Drops "Mother Of All Bombs" In Afghanistan, Marking Weapon's First Use
  165. America vs. Russia and China: Welcome to Cold War II