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  1. No Plane hit the Pentagon
  2. Let's Assume it's a Conspiracy (Article)
  3. A time Traveler Amongst Us
  4. The Truth About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  5. Alien Resistence....
  6. On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
  7. Jesse MacBeth -- Fake Military Records?
  8. Deep Underground Military Bases
  9. Fire couldn't have brought down the WTC
  10. TWA 800 - How The FBI Misled The Public
  11. Art Bell SETI has received alien signals, being jammed by NRO
  12. Debunking Tarted up Horror Tales
  13. *Update* Alex Jones Is FOS
  14. UFOs- Must See videos
  15. Top Ten Junk Science Moments for 2006
  16. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and other iterations
  17. Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'
  18. UFO "Secret Technology" to Halt Climate Change???
  19. Minneapolis / Confession doesn't stop conspiracy theories
  20. Sputnik I begat beatniks
  21. Another Conspiracy Theory IN THE MAKING
  22. John Titor
  23. Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die
  24. British UFO Hacker loses in court...
  25. Roswell - 60 Years later
  26. U.S. Astronauts reveal encounters with apparent Extraterrestrials and UFOs
  27. Newsweek: Global-Warming Skeptics Are Like Moon-Landing Deniers
  28. 35 Errors in Inconvenient Truth
  29. Hoagland is believed to be the reason We're Going Back to Mars....
  30. Former Pilots and Officials Call for New U.S. UFO Probe
  31. Yeti -- Film crew finds prints in Himalayas
  32. John Titor, Time Traveler, Redux....
  33. The Shroud of Turin
  34. Earth's 'Fever' Breaks: Global COOLING Currently Under Way
  35. The Attack on Liberty (USS Liberty)
  36. Aliens, UFOs, Visitors, Time Travel and other Anomalies....
  37. Unemployed UFO researcher faces extradition to US
  38. Monster washes up on Shore near Long Island
  39. 99.9% of all species that ever lived are EXTINCT!
  40. American Dependence on Foreign Oil
  41. Joe Biden calling on all Conspiracy Theorists
  42. FR - down?
  43. Change we can believe in!
  46. John Titor (alledged Time Traveler) may no be exposed
  47. Oklahoma City Bombing: 30 Unanswered Questions
  48. Nov 16 2008: STS-126 (Shuttle Endeavour) UFOs
  49. Clean Coal Technology
  50. General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism
  51. Paging Any Time Travelers Or Aliens
  52. Pamela Moore of John Titor fame
  53. Ancient Aircraft?
  54. No More Webbot - Last ALTA Report Here
  55. Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe
  56. 200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
  57. Alien spaceship lands: 'Greys' make contact
  58. Meet the man who says he has written the next chapter of the Bible
  59. 2012: So ends the Mayan Calendar, as does the world?
  60. Barry O. Is Gonna Tell Us About Aliens
  61. Lost city of Atlantis discovered?
  62. Egg Mythology
  63. A Warning from the Past....
  64. Boobquake!
  65. Chinese airport closed; UFO is spotted
  66. Conspiracy Theories: General
  67. Please help me defend America against 9-11 conspiracy guys
  68. Masonichip - Coming to a child near you...
  69. Dozens Report UFO Over New York City
  70. Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers
  71. Fact or Fiction? - Bohemian Grove
  72. The Dangers of 2012 - For laughs....
  73. Fraudulent Reports: Vaccines cause Autism
  74. UFO Over Temple Mount
  75. Nessie: Lake Windermerer, England
  76. Illuminati debunking
  77. El Chupacabra Mystery Definitively Solved
  78. Can humans "Control the Weather"?
  79. In North Carolina, Bigfoot Crossed the Road
  80. The Best of Alex Jones
  81. Siberia: Body of 'dead alien' is found after UFO crash
  82. US Govt Printing Office Needs 350,934 National Detainee Handbooks Printed
  83. Breathing a word of truth about 9/11 will kill your career: Kevin barrett
  84. Sea levels rising higher and faster
  85. Revealed: How Area 51 Hid Secret Craft
  86. 10 Controversial Apocalyptic Theories
  87. Structure Found On Mars
  88. I'm not superstitious... but....
  89. UFO shoots across Texas sky live on TV
  90. Natural Or Manmade?
  91. How Did They Cut This?
  92. Largest Study on Cellphones, Cancer Finds No Link
  93. Tinfoil Time - Mil Buildup = EOW?
  94. You're Gonna Laugh At This
  95. Yeti Nests....
  96. Giant Alien Skull found?
  97. You Have...
  98. Mysterious Blue Balls Fall in England
  99. Evolution of a Future Mythology
  100. Breitbart's "Sudden death"
  101. Is the Apocalypse upon us?
  102. Clintonville, WI is BOOMING!
  103. USGS study: Human activity ‘certainly’ cause of increased seismic activity
  104. Better call Richard Hoagland... something's up on Mars!
  105. UFO video shot over South Korea
  106. The Reason There are Conspiracy Theorists
  107. Pacific Gyre: Plastic Garbage Patch
  108. Evolution skeptics will soon be silenced by science
  109. YouTuber alleges NASA cover up of spaceship spotted near Sun
  110. Vampires!
  111. Liberal attempts to scare us with....
  112. Ex-CIA agent: Roswell, N.M., incident really happened
  113. We did NOT go to the Moon!
  114. Strange News Articles
  115. Petition to declare great white sharks endangered.
  116. UFOs, Russian Intelligence Collection and Obfuscation
  117. Here we go again. Another nearly extinct species....
  118. Jimmy Hoffa
  119. PETA people are dumbfucks
  120. Environmentalists are dumbfucks too
  121. The Immortals
  122. UFO sightings in sky over Denver
  123. Richard Dolan: UFOs and the National Security State
  124. Rash of UFO sightings around the world
  125. Evidence shows starvation did not cause saber-tooth cat extinction
  126. Misinformation: Cats
  127. Clinton Arkancide and Suspicious Deaths During The Obama Administration
  128. John Titor. Where are we at now - compared to his tale?
  129. Woman takes photo of UFO over historic California barn
  130. Stonghenge was a complete accident
  131. DHS Secret Assassination Squads ?
  132. Tea Party Members Fit Profile of Domestic Terrorists, Obama Claims
  133. Strange Creations
  134. Adam and Eve: Our Genes discovered
  135. Get your Flux Capacitor here
  136. Near-death experiences aren't figment of imagination, study shows
  137. CIA Officially acknowledges Area 51 Existence
  138. Melted Jaguar
  139. Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States
  140. US Research Facility in Republic of Georgia
  141. Friday the Thirteenth
  142. UFO Near Miss
  143. Nearly half of American adults believe in a medical conspiracy theory
  144. Drought Forces Migrating Salmon to Go By Truck
  145. Fairies
  146. Nephilim
  147. Alleged clip shot by U.S. Marines shows unknown craft bombarding Taliban camp
  148. Lucid Dreams
  149. H.A.A.R.P. High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program
  150. Ouija Board Possesses Three Americans in Mexico
  151. Malibu's Offshore Alien Base
  152. The Hum
  153. Aliens in Charge of Planet Earth
  154. Aliens visited Earth 10,000 years ago
  155. Earth hollow - End of the World is Nigh!
  156. Magnetic Field Flip
  157. Hoverboards, Star Wars Speeders and other inventions
  158. CLAIM: Wi-Fi signals causing headaches, nausea and crippling pain...
  159. German Wings Airbus Crash and CERN connection
  160. BP Oil Spill: Five Years Later
  161. China Syndrome
  162. 911
  163. A Big And Bizarre Drone Mystery Is Unfolding In Rural Colorado