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  1. Lukashenko Calls Belarus-Russia Union State A Geopolitical Reality
  2. New Czech Intelligence Scandal
  3. Belarus Leader Defends Saddam, Mourns Loss Of USSR
  4. Russia to EU: 'Hands off Moldova'
  5. Russia Threatens Georgia, Ukraine
  6. Russia And Uzbekistan Join Efforts To Repulse External Aggression From USA
  7. Russia Slams US, NATO Influence In Central Asia
  8. Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland
  9. Belarus Union Moves Forward
  10. Russia Plans Belarus Air Base To Protect Against 'Potential' NATO Strikes
  11. Putin Congratulates Lukashenko On Election Victory
  12. Russia Starts Delivering Missiles to Belarus
  13. China, Belarus To Boost Military Exchanges
  14. US Backs Albania, Croatia, Macedonia NATO Bid
  15. Belarus Unveils Monument To Secret Police
  16. Russia Legislators Criticize US Sanctions Against Belarus
  17. American Bases To Be Moved From Germany To Eastern Europe
  18. Ukraine's Socialists Accuse President Over Coalition Collapse
  19. Syrian Baath Party and Belarusian Communist Party Join Forces
  20. Polish Government Wants 'Decommunization' Law
  21. Ukrainian president offers Israel cooperation on missile defense
  22. Moscow Sends Missiles To Belarus After Warsaw Gets US Warplanes
  23. Latvia Fears New ‘Occupation’ by Russians but Needs the Labor
  24. Russia Opposes US Missile Base Plans In Poland
  25. Estonia (and NATO) vs. Russia
  26. China Says To Promote Military Ties With Belarus
  27. Ukraine Tensions Rise As President Claims Command Of Troops
  28. Warsaw Pact?
  29. Putin says U.S. Base in Czech Republic Threat Similar to Pershings
  30. President visits Prague, Czech Republic, Discusses Freedom
  31. Russians Threaten Polish Border With Missiles
  32. Belarus 'Smashes Polish Spy Ring'
  33. Analysis: Why Would The Kremlin Attack Georgia?
  34. Russia 'May Deploy Missiles In Belarus'
  35. David Cameron: British Army Must Halt Russia Threat
  36. Trade Revives In Former Soviet Bloc
  37. U.S. forces getting set for events in Kosovo
  38. Georgia Says "Very Close" To War With Russia
  39. Moscow Mayor Wants Return Of Black Sea Naval Base
  40. Lithuania Told To Stop 'Anti-Russian Activity'
  41. Military Overflight In Georgia Stopped 'Bloodshed': Russia
  42. Ukraine leaders split under Russian pressure - Yulia Timoshenko accused of committing
  43. Europe's New Cold War
  44. Paper suggests NATO fighter jets may be based at Russian border
  45. Lenin Statue Collapses, Crushes Man to Death in Belarus
  46. Obama Betrays Poland On 70th Anniversary Of Soviet Invasion
  47. SHOCK! Epidemic of pneumonic plague in Ukraine?
  48. Putin Says Decision on ‘Reunification’ of Georgia ‘Already Decided’
  49. Polish, Lithuanian and Ukraine form Defense Brigade
  50. Barack Obama: President Pantywaist Restores The Satellite States To Their Former Owne
  51. Influential Ukrainians Warn Obama, West Of Rising Russian Threat
  52. Yanukovych Resets Ukraine’s Kremlin Relations After Yushchenko
  53. Kyrgyzstan Uprising: Did Moscow Subvert a U.S. Ally?
  54. East Germany's Forgotten Bunkers: New Research Sheds Light on Soviet Plans for WW3
  55. Ukraine extends Russia naval base lease for 25 years
  56. Russia Invites Ukraine To Join Ex-Soviet Security Bloc
  57. Ukraine Spooked By Spooks
  58. Post-Soviet States Involved in ‘Dangerous’ Arms Build Up
  59. Russian Invasion Of Ukraine (Formerly: Democratic Malaise Draws Ukraine Eastwards)
  60. 'Georgia has no chance of joining NATO'
  61. Stalin Statue Blown Up In Ukraine
  62. Sarkosy attacked
  63. 64 missile warheads stolen from Romanian train
  64. Euro 2012: Russia And Poland Fans Clash On The Streets
  65. Uzbekistan approves bill to ban foreign military bases
  66. Communism isn't dead- examination of German and Polish relations
  67. India, China Interested in Ukraine's Carrier Pilot Training Site - Minister
  68. China Buys 5 Percent Of Ukraine's Land
  69. Lech Walesa speech a big 'Golitsyn Thesis' Confirmation to me
  70. Russia opens air base in Belarus for its modern fighter
  71. Russia 'Abducts' Estonian Officer After Obama Says US Will Defend Estonia
  72. Russia To Bolster Military Presence In Former Soviet States
  73. Spies Of Warsaw Return As East-West Tensions Rise
  74. Filtering of events makes West unaware of Neo-Nazism in Kiev; spokesperson
  75. Russia Threatens To Use 'Nuclear Force' Over Crimea And The Baltic States
  76. Ordinary Folk Take Up Military Training Over Russia Threat
  77. U.S. Is Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in Eastern Europe
  78. Russia Stirs The Hornet's Nest
  79. Lakenheath F-15s Intercept Russian Fighters Near Baltics In New Video
  80. Poland Plans To Buy 32 F-35A Fighters: Minister
  81. Belarus police crack down on mass protests against strongman president after election