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  1. China, Africa Dictators Link Rings Alarms
  2. China, South Africa Pledge Further Relations
  3. Russia, Algeria To Strike $4 Billion Arms Sale Deal
  4. Energy, Weapons Bring Moscow Closer To Algiers
  5. China Flexes Its Economic Muscle In Africa
  6. Russia’s Return To North Africa
  7. South Africa Readies for 2-Day Visit From Russia's Putin
  8. China launches satellite for Nigeria
  9. Russian Debt Write-Off Boosts Closer Trade Ties
  10. Congo and China Forge Economic Partnership
  11. Why China is Trying to Colonise Africa
  12. Algeria, China Teamed On Nuke
  13. China To Deploy Peacekeepers To Darfur In October, Military Says
  14. China in Africa: Developing Ties
  15. China - Advance In Africa Arouses Western Distrust
  16. What Are Chinese Troops Doing On Zimbabwe's Streets?
  17. China Builds And Launches A Satellite For Nigeria
  18. Russia, China Veto UN Sanctions on Mugabe
  19. Chinese Firm To Build $1 Billion Road In Nigeria Oil Hub
  20. Chinese Telecom Companies Win Big African Deal
  21. How China's Taking Over Africa, And Why The West Should Be VERY Worried
  22. China Eyes Big Africa Spree
  23. How China has created a new slave empire in Africa
  24. US launches African military command
  25. Russia Rebuilds Soviet-Era Military-Technical Ties With Africa
  26. Gaddafi elected as next AU leader
  27. Obama - Qaddafi Coincidence?
  28. China, Nigeria Seek To Further Military Cooperation
  29. Tunisia mourns victims of revolution
  30. Egypt is collapsing!
  31. Southern Sudan Seceeding From North
  32. Algerian protesters clash with police as Egypt celebrates new dawn
  33. UN-Obama Adminstration backed Muslim Forces Slaughter of Christians in Ivory Coast
  34. Sudan
  35. American Boots Hit the Ground in Africa after Drone Attacks
  36. Somalia
  37. Gaddafi IS dead!
  38. Maldives: Coming to a country near you!
  39. New Jersey father and son are captives in Angola
  40. Silent Screams: Africa Ethnically Cleanses Its Christians
  41. South Africa Facing White Genocide, Total Communist Takeover
  42. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood seeking ties with China
  43. Kenya
  44. Mali
  45. Remembering Nelson Mandela
  46. Central African Republic
  47. Obama to give Africa 300 Billion for infrastructure growth
  48. Egypt and Ethioipea spar over the Nile
  49. Zimbabwe
  50. Plane gone over Northern Mali - 116 souls aboard
  51. China To Send 700 Combat Troops To South Sudan
  52. China Is Getting Ready To Surge Troops Into Africa
  53. US Warns Airmen To Beware Of Laser Attacks Near China’s Military Base In Djibouti
  54. The Chinese Have Opened 13 Police Stations In South Africa
  55. In Strategic Djibouti, A Microcosm Of China’s Growing Foothold In Africa
  56. China’s Naval Plans In Africa Are Threat In Atlantic, Says US General
  57. Why Americans Should Be Concerned About Communist China’s Influence in Africa