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  1. Liberal Tolerance and Compassion
  2. Cultural Marxism
  3. Freedom of Speech in America
  4. Police DNA Collection Sparks Questions
  5. How the Left Intimidates the Media
  6. Illegal Search and Seizure in Colorado!
  7. Democracy in retreat around the world
  8. Human ID Chips Get Under My Skin
  9. Wikileaks.org
  10. The United Nations Thread
  11. Vote marks the End of Human Rights
  12. New Mexico commission orders $6,000 fine for Christian beliefs
  13. Bow your head, break the law!
  14. Dhimmi watch: Muslim chases service animal out of school
  15. The Fairness Doctrine
  16. In the throes of Progressive Tyranny
  17. Carry a knife and you'll go to jail says Cameron
  18. Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'
  19. 55 mph is So 70s: Voters Oppose Lowering National Speed Limit
  20. Appeasement - Social Change to make you more like "Them"
  21. The First Amendment: Good for a lying media, Bad for the American People
  22. Attempts to Push Sharia Law on America
  23. 'Big Brother' government costs England £20billion
  24. Saudi man, woman face flogging for research work
  25. King County's rural-land restrictions go too far, court rules
  26. The National Anthem left style
  27. EDITORIAL: Scare tactics in Richmond
  28. Panel urges new law on government war powers
  29. Let's track all those 'people' and stun them
  30. Multiculturalism Run Amok, More European sharia nonsense.
  31. The French FIGHT BACK! WOW
  32. Political Correctness.
  33. Sleuths Crack Tracking Code
  34. World Court: U.S. must delay Mexican death sentences
  35. Telling the Truth is Islam Bashing?
  36. BRAZIL: Offend a homosexual ... Go to prison for 5 years
  37. The Big Brother Thread.... 1984isms
  38. Guns TAKEN ILLEGALLY! -Government GRAB ALERT!
  39. Harry's Place (UK)
  40. Police, TSA and other "Authorities"
  41. Grandmother arrested on race charges after telling rowdy Asian students to 'go home'
  42. Throwing off Tyranny
  43. 4th Amendment: Illegal Search and Seizure
  44. Homosexuality – punishable by death (Norway)
  45. More Demands from Islam
  46. Thought Police: The Left Vs. Free Speech
  47. There is NO bias in the Media... however LEFT it might seem...
  48. FCC Commissioner Warns Fairness Doctrine Might Involve Control of Web
  49. Islam On the March to World Domination
  50. ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors
  51. European SNOBBERY at it's finest....
  52. Bipartisan Board Stops U.S. Radio to Russia
  53. First Socialism. Now Communism...
  54. War on conservative Talk Radio
  55. HERITAGE FOUNDATION: "How Modern Liberals Think"
  56. Obama Administration's Plans for Regulating the Internet
  57. Strategic Shock
  58. Democrats seek to Abolish 2-Party System by Eliminating Open Debate & Bill Amendment
  59. Journalists Being Shut Out by Obama
  60. Bill creates Camps in U.S. for 'Emergencies'
  61. Liberals Propose Fast-Tracking Treaties
  62. Under Obama's America US Citizens getting attacked for Conservative Patriotic Symbols
  63. Word From World War Sparks A War Of Words
  64. Farming Food FDA USDA NAIS
  65. Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, C Baldwin, Libertarians Are Terrorist
  66. Revolutionary Idea: The Tea Party Movement
  67. Minnesota Freedom to Steal act
  68. Tax Day Tea Party
  69. America’s new anthem -----“what have we done”
  70. Unruly Crowd evicted from Iowa House
  71. America, Do You Know Your Real Enemy?
  72. Progressive Tyranny - Open discussion Thread
  73. Obama legal team wants defendants' rights limited
  74. H.R. 1913:Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009
  75. Patriot Act strips 16 year old of due process
  76. 2nd DHS Domestic Extremism report, guess who they define as a terrorist now?
  77. Fed to monitor local state elections
  78. Wisconsin court upholds GPS tracking by police
  79. Plan to seize Flight 93 crash site....
  80. MSM openly turns programming over to Obama
  81. Census thoughts
  82. America Closing Her Door to Freedom
  83. Attorney general to classify pro-life, pro-gun americans as terrorists
  84. Democrat introduces legislation to repeal the 22 Amendment
  85. Czars
  86. An awesome message...and a great parallelism between 4,000 years ago and today...
  87. Rally 'round the Virginians
  88. Patriot Warriors
  89. Rep Conyers (d) questions reading the Health Bill.
  90. Obama’s Growing Snitch Program on Extremism
  91. Rules for Radicals
  92. Mercenaries training US local police a new trend
  93. Protest? Police are getting Ready for you
  94. Treason, Eugenics, and Left-wing Lunacy
  95. American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper
  96. Today is the Day to do something...
  97. RED ALERT: White House Has Secret Plan To Harvest Personal Data From Social Networkin
  98. "I pledge..."
  99. Libtalker Mike Malloy: I Hope Glenn Beck Commits Suicide Live On The Air
  100. The Collapse of America? The Dire Message of Mr. David Walker
  101. Come and Take it
  102. What Would a Communist Do?
  103. Michael Savage Predicts Fox Will "Tone It Down" as of 10/06/2009
  104. Flag Ban in Albany, Orgeon?
  105. Americans Must Defend Constitutional Rights from Foreign Attack
  106. CA banning Big Screen TVs.
  107. Obama administration introduced an anti-free speech measure
  108. Federal DOJ Overturns Kinston, NC's Vote for Party-free Local Elections
  109. Mandating health Insurance - Obamacare
  110. Obama: His Coup Or Theirs?
  111. recovery.gov
  112. Hillary openly admits we are taxed on everything
  113. The President of Resentment
  114. Overcriminalization
  115. Ron Paul's "What If" Speech: Your Thoughts
  116. Obama signs EO giving INTERPOL Search and Seizure Immunity in U.S.
  117. Fear Of Violence Grows In Mountaintop Mining Fight
  118. Massachusetts School Bans Candycanes, Calls Them "Religious Items"
  119. New Year Brings New Laws
  120. Obama signs Executive Order to form THE COUNCIL OF (10) GOVERNORS
  121. The Left's Unholy Alliance with Islam
  122. Government Motors: Are You Ready To Be Forced Into a Hybrid?
  123. Who is this conservative patriot?
  124. New California Diesel Regulations Toughest In U.S.
  125. Obama Appointee Sunstein Favors Infiltrating Online Groups
  126. Obama Takes New Route to Opposing Parts of Laws
  127. Obama preparing fiscal task force to approve unpopular measures
  128. Plans To Seize 401ks
  129. The Revolutionary Holocaust
  130. Obama Authorizes Assassination of Civilians He now calls Terrorists
  131. Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power
  132. Joe Stack fires a shot against Tyranny
  133. The FBI has the power to write it's own Search Warrants
  134. Enemy Belligerent Interrogation & Detention, a Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully
  135. EBT Now Stands For Restaurant Meals, And Other EBT Abuse
  136. IRS to Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year
  137. Congressman's Office Says Constituent Calls Are Harassment
  138. Documenting the Fall....
  139. Priceless Images
  140. Congress proud of themselves over Healthcare
  141. The Redistribution Of Private Land Begins In The US
  142. Articles Of Freedom presented to our congressmen APRIL 19th
  143. Crash the Tea Party - informational thread
  144. The Obama Deception
  145. White House ‘Czar’ Tells Students: The U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One Forever
  146. The VAT Cometh
  147. The Overbearing EPA
  148. The Growing List Allegedly Committing Sedition Against U.S. Government
  149. Americans Are More Skeptical of Washington Than Ever
  150. Dick Morris: Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy
  151. US Senate Climate Bill To Be Unveiled April 26
  152. Democrats Screaming about Tea Party
  153. Washington simply isn’t listening to us
  154. Fight BACK!
  155. Long March to Socialism
  156. Orwellian Tax Collection Commercial
  157. I support Arizona's new law!
  158. Obama's TRUE colors coming out
  159. Obama to review changes to Miranda Rights Law for suspected Domestic Terrorists
  160. World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes
  161. Food Police - The Overbearing FDA
  162. Range War: Feds vs The People
  163. New gas tax introduced in congress today!
  164. Lautenberg wants firearms banned from airports
  165. The White House wants Churches to advance its Climate Change Agenda
  166. Senate Blocks Vote On Harkin ATM Fee Cap Amendment
  167. Obama Sends National Guard to Mexican Border?!
  168. Obama's National Security Strategy – Make Way For The International Agenda
  169. Obama Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Entertainment
  170. Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers
  171. Please Watch This Glenn Beck Show
  172. Pray for Obama...
  173. Video: Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk
  174. IRS 'Wealth Squads' On The Way
  175. Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”
  176. Woody Allen Thinks Obama Would Get Much More Done As Dictator
  177. White West Seattle Teen Beaten Bloody In Possible Hate Crime
  178. Soros's Progressive Cabal with Democrats to Weaken America
  179. Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?
  180. Democrats selling the First Amendment through the DISCLOSE Act in Campaign Bill
  181. DOJ Attorney Resigns
  182. Obama Cryptically Warns He’ll Present “Very Difficult Choices to the Country”
  183. Issues with Socialism
  184. 'Perfect Citizen' Program Places 'Sensors' Throughout Web
  185. NAACP about to Vote on Teaparty movement
  186. Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama's credibility
  187. A Growing Effort To Bypass The Electoral College
  188. The Republic is Over
  189. Judge strikes down Proposition 8, allowing gay marriage in California
  190. Obama Administration plotting to seize Western lands without congressional approval
  191. DOJ Accused of Stalling on MOVE Act for Voters in Military
  192. Health Inspector Shuts Down 7-Year-Old's Summer Lemonade Stand
  193. Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History
  194. Sugary-Drink Ban Starts To Affect San Francisco Sites
  195. Obama To Netroots: "Change Has Not Come Fast Enough"
  196. American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Ranks
  197. Man fined for flying "Tea Party" flag
  198. Obama Administration using the United Nations to bypass Congress
  199. Obama Issues Executive Order Changing Court-Martial Rules
  200. The Obama Administration’s War on America and Post-American World
  201. More Ohioans On Welfare Are Signing Up To Vote
  202. Racially Based Crimes
  203. MA Gov. Deval Patrick: “It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t"
  204. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated both the Clinton and Obama Administrations
  205. The FBI tells American Cartoonist to disappear after offending Islam
  206. Obama: Black Voters Must Rally For Election
  207. Papers, Please!
  208. Social Engineering Bill in Senate may force You into a City
  209. Obama: "We Can Absorb a Terrorist Attack"
  210. BREAKING: The US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal
  211. Ahmadinejad met with Farrakahan and New Black Panthers
  212. Who Is Watching You? Industries That Know Your Every Move
  213. Climate Change Propaganda 10-10 mini-movie - No Pressure
  214. Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital
  215. Force by a state is no remedy... food for thought
  216. Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back
  217. Willful Media Ignorance
  218. Federal Agents Urged to 'Friend' People on Social Networks, Memo Reveals
  219. National Public Radio FIRES Juan Williams!
  220. China has penetrated the Obama Administration
  221. BREAKING POINT: 25 Minute Documentary Exposing the Democrat Party
  222. Google partnering with the Left
  223. Taking America BACK from Liberalism, Environmentalists and the Socialists
  224. Obama Administration Targets Pro-life Activists as Terrorists
  225. Obama swears in another radical Muslim to Homeland Security Post
  226. Hatch Act
  227. Arnold.... Liberals....
  228. AGENDA: Grinding America Down
  229. An interesting concept on shedding light on FOIA requests and data.
  230. Sen. Rockefeller: Shut Down Fox And MSNBC
  231. Revolutionary Communist Party Proposes New Continental Constitution
  232. Many Americans Say the Government Now Operates Outside the Constitution
  233. Protest the TSA with 4th Amendment ware
  234. Obama's IRS accused of targeting Jews
  235. Obama Administration Imposes Seven-year Drilling Moratorium
  236. Autos May Be Required To Have Back-Up Cameras
  237. Megyn Kelly and Rep Weiner: Death Tax
  238. Beck: New World Order - 15 Days After Catastrophic Event
  239. Serial Arsonist Targeting Wealthy In Massachusetts, Is Class Warfare To Blame?
  240. DHS new Terror Warning: "We are now focused on Americans taking up arms"
  241. New DHS 'No Work' list requires federal approval for Americans' seeking jobs
  242. Critics Say Denver Extorting Millions From Car Owners
  243. Feds Look at Technology to Disable Your Cell Phone in Your Car
  244. Union Member Advocates for End of Capitalism, Private Property Rights
  245. New Black Panthers Plot With Iran to Overthrow America
  246. The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama
  247. Will a Leftist Takeover of the Military Precede a Leftist Military Takeover?
  248. Submitted For Your Consideration - The Left's Playbook
  249. More Fallout from Tucson
  250. Anti-Gun Laws and "Shut up" laws