Trans-Asian Axis Rules

Trans-Asian Axis Terms of Service

1) You agree, through your use of the Trans-Asian Axis, that you will not use this Bulletin Board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violates any law in the country in which you reside or wherein the BBS resides.

2) Moderators. Moderators have the "Absolute Last Word" on all disagreements inside their respective forums. Moderators are volunteers on the system and as such are NOT someone who should be attacked, bothered constantly or argued with over the system rules. Moderators follow the rules, the same as the users do. Moderators have that title (or another related title) under their names in their posts. If a moderator elevates a problem to an Administrator, chances are very good that someone is about to lose posting privileges. Moderators deserve a LOT of respect just for their time and effort alone, taken in helping to keep our systems running smoothly. Mostly Moderators are just like everyone else, they have a right to their opinions, like everyone else. Their particular forums are their forums, not yours, not the public's. If they say "We're not going to discuss that here" then abide by that rule.

3) Administrators. Specifically, Ryan Ruck is the systems' owner, and the Chief Webmaster, and is in charge of the server hardware, software, web pages for Trans-Asian Axis. Ryan is the "Final Authority" on whether the servers are online or offline. He can pull the plug. There are currently several Administrators (Brian Baldwin and Rick Donaldson) and their names have the title "Administrator" under them in their posts. Administrators are called upon by Moderators to solve problems they can't fix - which includes the removal of posting privileges, among other things.

4) The Trans-Asian Axis provides several forums in which you can voice your opinions. Some forums are more appropriate for certain subjects, than others. Please use the appropriate forum. If you are unsure, then write PRIVATELY to the moderators of the various forums and ASK them before you make a post that will a) get you booted, b) get your message moved or c) get your message deleted. In other words, REMAIN ON TOPIC in the threads and in the particular Topical Areas (forums).

5) When posting you are invited to provide proof for your statements, factual evidence and intelligent, non-antagonistic comments to your fellow posters. If you are stating an opinion please endeavor to ensure that people realize this is OPINION/Editorial material. You must post a link to an article you post, and you must ensure if there are copyright notices that you include that copyright notice (these things fall under "Fair Use laws" and allow the reposting of most - but not all - news articles you find elsewhere on the internet or in newspapers).

6) We reserve the right to remove or delete any post sent to our system but certain activities will result in the immediate removal of your post as stated below. The Trans-Asian Axis Moderators and Administrators will NOT tolerate ANY of the following behavior and these things will result in immediate removal of the material, and removal of posting privileges. We will pass on relevant information to those authorities required if any illegal activity takes place on the board.

a) The posting of, or related to illegal behavior (such as "warez", porn, or child porn, copyrighted material - except as related to "Fair Use laws")
b) Death Threats or threats of bodily harm to anyone.
c) Posting of Hate Related Material
d) Blatant personal attacks, insults and name calling
e) Commercial Advertisements and Spam (Personal websites and Non-Commercial websites are ok)
f) any illegal use of the site may result in that data, posts and information being turned over to the appropriate authorities!

7) Trans-Asian Axis is a website dealing with adult, real world topics. As such, rough language will be permitted so long as it is not maliciously used directly against any member off this site (including the staff). We do, however, ask that you refrain from gratuitous use of foul language. If you feel the need to use gratuitous foul language, we have an appropriate "CENSORED" smile you can use in its place.

8) If an individual conducts personal attacks or uses the board for illegal activity we reserve the right to block that user and their account. Generally, a user conducting such attacks will be notified and warned, unless the Moderator deems it appropriate to lock the account first. The block will be at the discretion of appropriate Trans-Asian Axis team members.

9) We also assert that all posts made to the system become the property of the internet so no poster can assert copyright or intellectual property over them as they have become public domain. This means we ask you not to remove posts you've made, or edit out your material. As part and parcel of a historical record, the records should not change. We allow editing as part of the privilege of using this system. Editing is limited to 10 minutes following when a post is made. The following exceptions are added to this rule:

9A. By posting your material on this site, you give permission for Trans-Asian Axis to retain that material indefinitely.

9B. If someone else has posted your material on this site without permission, you have the right to have it removed. Contact administration to do so.

9C. If you have an article you want to post here, you retain ALL copyrights to your article, if you wish to so state in your article. It is suggested that any articles (defined as previously written articles, NOT normal 'posts' that appear daily on the site) belonging to you be posted by LINK ONLY to your own web site however.

9D. If someone has posted material that refutes your own claim, you can not have that material removed, unless there is a legal case and judgment calling for said removal of that information.

10) Any abuse in any form, of any privilege users have on this system will cause an immediate revocation of that privilege for ALL users. (An example of this is the edit function, mentioned above. People who delete their messages by "editing them to nothing" will immediately lose their posting privileges and the editing functions will be removed from everyone. This is intended to keep the system INTACT.)

11) THE TRANS-ASIAN AXIS acknowledges your trust and is committed to protecting the information you provide THE TRANS-ASIAN AXIS. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy, and ensure proper use of information, THE TRANS-ASIAN AXIS has employed physical, electronic, and managerial processes to safeguard and secure the information THE TRANS-ASIAN AXIS collects online.

11A. Users' information will NOT be provided to any agency, government entity, or other users except as stated below, or in relation to legal warrants and criminal activities, or unless you give that information out yourself.

11B. Requesting information about another user is considered grounds for your own removal from the system. Contact that user directly using the private messaging system if you wish to contact them directly and request information from them.

11C. We reserve the right to reveal your identity to legal authorities in the event of a criminal complaint, civil or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

12) Arguing with the Moderators and Administrators "your stance" on these rules, is against the rules, ESPECIALLY in public. In the recent past, we have had users who've completely disagreed with our rules and have opened threads in which to argue their case. This is NOT welcomed, we will not tolerate it, and such threads are deleted. This is akin to trying to create an atmosphere that is less conducive for others to communicate. In short, you are placing others in a bad position. We call this "Trolling" and "Disruption".

13) "Trolling". Our basic definition of a Troll is an individual who is intent on creating harm to the BBS system, the users or the integrity of the system through use of innuendo, harmful and disparaging personal attacks, use of implied meanings (implication without factual statements), use of invectives (vehement denunciation, censure and abuse), to inveigh - especially in regard to The Trans-Asian Axis rules and policies, or multi-posting, re-posting and cross-posting of material. Over time, we've learned two things about Trolls (other than they are usually troublemakers):

a) Trolls get banned
b) If they come back, they generally do the same thing and get banned again

Trolls will be banned on sight, once they have been discovered. Some times they hide for weeks at a time planning their attacks. One way, or another they show up if they have an intent to cause the problems as listed in the definition above.

14) Disruptors. Disruptors are a variation of the "Troll". Disruptors are generally "one post wonders", and have "One Subject Vocabularies". They spend their time trying to force people to believe that anything those people are posting is "nonsense", or they spend their time logging in with new and different aliases, using "cute names" and "idiotic idioms" in an effort to remove the attention of the Topic to themselves or to some other topic that is unrelated to the original topic of the thread. Disruptors usually can be found in threads that are running just fine, staying on topic and being reasonable. This is when Disruptors try to detract from the conversation, try to redirect people with other thoughts (usually unrelated or completely off topic for that thread) and this is when they will find themselves without posting privileges.

15) "One Post Wonders". These are people who've just registered, and post some tirade, attack or other nonsensical message in relation to some topic in their first or second message. They are unwelcome here. They are people who've either spent days, weeks or, even SECONDS lurking and get all pent up over one subject. When removed, they come back as someone else. Do NOT be a "One Post Wonder". If you're going to denigrate the people who've spent months and even years here, you'd better have been here more than twenty minutes when you make your first, and probably LAST post.

16) Aliases are welcome. However, using obnoxious names, titles, rude words and other such things will cause your IP to be flagged by the staff, your information placed in a file and your account disabled. You are REQUIRED to fill out the "Real Name" field in your user profile! At the absolute minimum, you must enter your real first name but, we would prefer you enter your full name for clarity. THIS FIELD IS PRIVATE AND VIEWABLE ONLY TO SITE STAFF!

17) You do NOT have "Freedom of Speech" without the proper application of "Responsibility of Speech". YOU are responsible for what you say, and the resulting consequences. This is a privately owned forum and as such, speech may be restricted as the owner sees fit.

18) System bugs, reports of actual problems, errors must be immediately reported to Ryan Ruck via Private Message, through the appropriate forum on the message board, or through email at .

19) Treat each other, other users and staff members as you expect to be treated with respect (treat them badly and expect to be treated badly in return!).

20) User accounts do NOT belong to the user. User accounts, by default are stored on our systems, and by default belong to the Trans-Asian Axis. Once you create an account, and use it you are agreeing to abide by these rules, and your account will remain valid as long as the Trans-Asian Axis exists and in archive after Trans-Asian Axis CEASES to exist. The control you may exercise over your account includes your user information (which should be kept current), password and a few other things. PLEASE ensure you have a VALID email address at all times. IF for some reason an emergency arises we MAY send an email to your account to let you know the status. We will NOT routinely in any case use EMAIL notification. If we do it will be far between, and we will not sell, use, or otherwise disperse your email information to anyone else. YOU may post your email address publicly, but we will not do so.

21) You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).

22) Posters on this site will NOT post private user information on other individuals publicly, nor will they use the system to pass private information about others to third parties, unless specifically requested by the individual. This includes real names, phone numbers, email addresses, home or work addresses, IP addresses or any other personally identifiable information that would lead to the exposure of an individual's physical location. This is to PREVENT HARM to everyone. Exceptions would be where information has been directed to be released by an individual for contact purposes. Posters may post their OWN PERSONAL information any time they deem it appropriate (but we recommend you don't do this...).

22A. Posters will not use Threads and Thread Titles to post other posters' names in the titles to draw attention to anyone on the site, or otherwise to cause problems for those individuals. Moderators, Admins and other staff members are exempt from this rule under certain rare circumstances determined by site conditions or the conditions of the individual in question (e.g. Sickness, death, marriage or other announcements wished to be made by the individual in question).

23) Threads started simply to cause fights, arguments, disruption, attacks (personal or otherwise) upon the staff of the Trans-Asian Axis, other users, or subscribers, advertisers or other patrons of our services will result in the threads being moved to archival for indefinite storage, and your account being locked, and your posting privileges revoked.

24) Being BANNED from the system means JUST that. It does not mean you should run out and get a hotmail account and re-sign in just to cause more trouble. This will result in the IMMEDIATE placing of your ISP on the "IP BAN LIST". If this happens your OWN ISP can not even connect to our systems. This also means that others might be affected. For a person who finds themselves in the predicament of having had their ISP banned is to A) Ryan Ruck and let him know that you can't get in, give him your ISP information and other contact information and B) Contact your ISP and request that the offending party be removed from your ISP before our OWN ISP will re-instate their contact with our site.

25) These rules are subject to change, modification and/or deletion and replacement as necessary by the system administrators and at Staff requests.