Tonight I'm having a fairly hard to get release from Bell's that's got a cool minikeg design and is actually going to a good cause - Tessie's Golden Ale

There were only 2 of these at the store!

Tessie’s a sweet and happy-go-lucky girl who likes belly rubs and chasing flying discs into the water. She can never have enough treats, and is a friend to all.

This Golden Ale is a hybrid of different light ale styles. taking what we like best about American Blonde/Golden Ales, and combining it with the clean fermentation characteristics of northern German Ales (Kölsch). This beer is both drinkable (low ABV) and flavorful.

This beer is a Bell's Eccentric Cafe and General Store exclusive.

Alcohol By Volume: 5.00%
Original Gravity: 1.048
Shelf Life: 6 Months
Bell's Mini Kegs For Causes: Limited-Edition 5Ls Support 4 Organizations

Oberon won't be the only mini keg from Bell’s this summer.

We are releasing four, limited edition mini kegs during the month of May to help raise awareness for organizations that support causes that are important to us and our President and Founder, Larry Bell.

“These organizations or what they represent, helped me get through the Pandemic and some tough times. Some were also hit hard and could use some help,” said Larry Bell, Founder and President of Bell’s.

“Bell’s will donate to each and so will I. We hope that these mini kegs will inspire everyone to get out and enjoy some of the treasures nearby and hopefully, help some great organizations if they can,” he added.

Oberon mini kegs have been released annually for the past 21 years. This year’s design celebrates the North Country Trail, the longest, national scenic trail in the United States.

Joining our American Wheat Ale mini keg on store shelves will be mini kegs of Lager of the Lakes, Third Coast Beer, and Tessie’s Golden Ale, a beer inspired by Larry’s Labrador Retriever, Tessie (such a good girl!). Tessie’s was previously released exclusively in bottles at the brewery’s General Store in downtown Kalamazoo. That mini keg will help raise awareness for the Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue Association.

“A lot of folks adopted pets over the past year, so if our choice doesn’t work for you there are many fine organizations all over the country. The idea is to inspire people to give back to a good cause that is close to them,” Bell said.

The Lager of the Lakes mini keg will benefit from a partnership with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a non-partisan organization that advocates for the Great Lakes and clean water. Third Coast Beer, a beer that has not been released for a few years, returns in this unique package to celebrate the Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Tessie's pours a light, clear gold with a very energetic (like most labs ) big, white, foamy head. Has a light bready malt and citrusy hops aroma. The flavor profile closely matches the scent profile. The body is light and crisp and the ABV comes in at a moderate 5%. A very nice drinking beer!