New year, new thread...

And to start it off, I just got this in the mail from LaRue Tactical:

12:01am January 1, 2013,

To our entire customer base …

For 2013 - We are suspending our L/E - Military discounts. It pains us, but our skyrocketing costs, due to a number of new government regulations, Obama-Care being just one, has forced us to use one price sheet for all customers. Through the years we have extended a savings to our military and Law Enforcement customers that we are quite proud of … a very large dollar number when totaled.

Orders entered before midnight Dec.31st will reflect our previous LE/MIL discount terms.

If some of these regulations are rescinded, and tax relief is returned, we will push to reintroduce these lost discounts in 2014.

Uncle Sam has got to stop spending money, or we're all done for. We will hold off on price increases just short of going off our own fiscal cliff.

Mark LaRue