Okay, I am by no means a tin foiler but I figured I'd start this thread in here anyway. In the last year there have been a number of deaths of high profile, right leaning people so I can't help but wonder if it is coincidence or otherwise. Remember, the Clintons had a number of suspicious deaths surrounding them as well.

Here's a list of people that have died in the last year, their cause of death, and date of death:

25 Members of SEAL Team 6, helicopter shot down/all killed, 8/6/2011 ***
Andrew Breitbart, heart attack, 3/1/2012
Christopher Lasseter (witness to Breitbart's death), missing, date unknown **
Michael Cormier (on autopsy team of Breitbart), arsenic poisoning, 4/20/2012 **
Mark Craighead (of Crossbreed Holsters), heart attack, 8/24/2012
Larry Dever (Sheriff of Cochise County, AZ - strong anti-illegal immigrant stance, supported AZ SB1070), single car accident, 9/19/2012
Keith Ratliff (producer of the FPSRussia YouTube channel), shot in back of the head, 1/3/2013
John Noveske, single car accident, 1/4/2013
Aaron Swartz, suicide after being prosecuted for computer crimes, 1/11/2013 *
Chris Kyle, shot by PTSD suffering vet, 2/2/2013
Chad Littlefield (associated with Chris Kyle), shot by PTSD suffering vet, 2/2/2013 **

and while not dead Mas Ayoob survived a recent helicopter crash on 1/26/2013.

Did I miss anyone?

* Not known to be "right leaning" but believed to be "pro-freedom"
** Political leanings unknown, though related to right-leaning causes/people
*** Political leanings unknown