I have an 8" Orion Reflector with a tripod, lenses and other accessories. If you're interested get in touch. Want $1500. This thing is HEAVY so shipping costs are going to be a bit. Comes with a case for the telescope tube, a lens suitcase (like a camera case, metal, etc), Solar Filter, has built in tracking motors, manual other stuff.

"Box of Cameras". I have a Minolta XG-7 35 mm camera and some lenses and a Pentax (forget the model) but similar. I will have to collect the particulars on the lenses. I've not used these in 15 years. I already sold all the dark room gear, sorry. (More particulars coming)

Mechanic's tool chest (I'll get the particulars and post them later as well, this is a place holder).

Apple Computers (Talking to Phil about this right now, so this is a place holder)
1 modified Apple ][+ (has //e board, several floppy drives, software, hard drive, controller)
2 Bell&Howell Black Apple ][s
1 Apple //c (portable computer)
No monitors any more, but these all use composite video monitors. One set of manuals for AppleSoft, programming stuff, many disks, games etc.
(Phil, I'll remove this after we talk!)

All of this stuff WILL be posted on Craigslist this week and weekend. I'm trying to clear it out of the house and hopefully locally so I don't have to deal with packing, shipping and shipping costs. Honestly, the telescope is very heavy. The tripod weighs 45-50 pounds alone. All of it together probably weights easily over 100 lbs. I'm mostly posting this here in case you guys are seriously interested in something you get first crack.

(Note to self: I'll be inventorying things starting tonight and will update this as I get the updates. I need to get all the data on the telescope, and list the lenses, filters, and accessories. I need to list the camera bodies, lenses and so on. I have to go through the Apple computers and get a full list of everything.)

I have other things like a work bench, a smaller band saw, a couple of drills and a few extra tools, but I'll probably just sell those in a garage sale or something. Might CL them too.