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Thread: Stihl MS-290 Farm Boss with 18" bar and carry case.

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    Default Stihl MS-290 Farm Boss with 18" bar and carry case.

    As much as I'm loathe to get rid of such a great saw, I'd rather sell it than let it turn into junk. This saw is LIKE NEW.

    My step father gave me this saw as we were cleaning out his property. He bought it a few years back and was never able to use it as he fell ill shortly after buying it. I would be surprised if he ran one tank of gas through it. In fact, I probably ran more gas through it while deciding to keep it or my Husqvarna 450. I decided on the Husky simply because I have a ton of spare chains, bars, etc for the Husky and the Husky is enough saw for me.

    The chain is really dull right now so it needs a good sharpen. If the buyer wants, I'll give it a touch up, but while I'm pretty good, I'm not a pro at sharpening.

    Currently has an 18" bar on it and the Stihl Oilomatic RM3 .325 reduced kickback chain.

    $325.00 takes it. This is a pretty firm price. I'd just as soon keep it than sell it for less than it's worth because I do use saws fairly often. It was $400 new and the case is worth $50.

    Video of it running and some more pics.:

    Shipping is going to cost about $20, so factor that in.


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