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Thread: UN agenda 2030

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    Default UN agenda 2030

    This video will most likely change your world view.
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    Default Re: UN agenda 2030

    Quote Originally Posted by Segestan View Post

    This video will most likely change your world view.
    Seriously? A 2 hour video? I pushed ahead about an hour and the guy is talking about an RGB color wheel. This is going to change my world view?
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    Default Re: UN agenda 2030

    I haven't watched it but this is the description on the video:
    On September 26th Pope Francis (aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Petrus Romanus) will meet with the UN to launch an agreement known as “The Road to Dignity by 2030.” This document is simply a sugar coating of Agenda 21 and relies on the myth of man-made climate change to lock down humanity in a dystopian nightmare of total control, total surveillance and a one world government. Some Christians are calling this the beginning of the Tribulation. WBB starts by examining the symbolic and ritualistic underpinnings of 9-11 and how that event was a necessary precursor for the Pope’s meeting with Obama (aka Barry Soetoro or El Dictator) and subsequently the pontiff’s meeting with the UN to end life as we know it on the earth. After a quick look at the real meaning of the Jesuit order and the Catholic Church’s involvement in world politics, attention is turned to the enslavement that is known as Agenda 21. Ending on somewhat of an encouraging note, this pod cast is essential for preparing you for the world to come.
    Well, Agenda 21 is an important issue but... The part about "ritualistic underpinnings of 9/11" and it being "a necessary precursor for the Pope’s meeting with Obama"? Ehhhh...

    Any bullet points or important timestamps from the video you can offer Seg?

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