Mixon admitted his part in the altercation and said he learned from it. Since he hasn't been in trouble since then, I'd be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The Raiders took a guy currently being investigated for rape so there's that too. Either way I don't think the Bengals did too badly in the draft this year. Cleveland may not be too much of a worry this season but once these current picks have a year under their belt our division is going to be wide open. Rumors of Roethlisberger retiring soon may or may not have prompted the Steelers to take a QB in the 4th round, but I doubt it since everything I see on this kid suggests our backup is superior to him. Next year is going to be a deeper draft for QBs and that may be the time for the Steelers to pull the trigger and get an heir. May need to move up to do it though.

Bengal's taking Ross in the first round is a great pick. He's a bit raw in places but I think he can start week one. Another great target for their QB. The AFC north should be very interesting this season. Three of the teams are capable of making it to the Super Bowl from that division alone. And all three could end up in the post season this year. Though I feel the Ravens and Jacksonville may very well fight it out for the 6th seed. Yeah, I think Jacksonville competes this season.

For now I'm favoring Dallas and New England (blech) to go to the Super Bowl, but I really need to see the rest of the off season to get a good feel for contenders.