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    Default 911

    i I was browsing utube during one of the recent hurricanes, carlos I recall. Came across plenty of bs ( various nasa astronauts claiming NO moon landing & or kicked off moon by aliens) but this was the whopper. ... 911 conspiracy solvedĄ

    I'd like to hear some "heavyweights" weigh in on this topic. ... like "tell me it aint true". Or sort the bs from the facts. My opinion is rather shallow, yet reasonable. I have no opinion on the video presentation, since I only saw it once and have never researched 911. I remember the day, and what I figured....some entity ordered that this be done under severe blackmail, threats & consequences....."or else" including nuclear war, torture, torture familiar, jail etc. My thoughts were later somewhat backed up by the fact that such a terrorist mission was published in a chinese unrestricted warfare military manual, even mentioning bin laden as a hit-man or patsy, before the attack.

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    Default Re: 911

    So, Sami, let me get this straight.... You want us to watch a 43 minute "conspiracy video" that "explains everything" and the first few images show George HW Bush, bankers and probably a "cabal of Illuminati" people, bankers and Rosthschilds - and then "weigh in"?

    I don't have the time, patience or inclination to tear apart such things any more.

    I have some work to do on the ship's engine today and just can't bring myself to listen to a load of bullshit from some asshat who thinks that the US Government somehow caused 9-11.

    The fact is there were a bunch of Muslims who got together and took on the challenge to destroy the World Trade Center, and the pledged their lives to do it. They got their wish.

    Muslims and ISLAM destroyed those towers.

    Then we went over there and fucked up their countries, killing their relatives, Bin Laden, and any fucking Islamic pig that stood in our way.

    America is a Great Country. No one should fuck with us.

    However, today, 15 years later, we're over run by Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Commies and Islamic "immigrants" all because someone wanted "change" to America.

    Where's the REAL Conspiracy here? It has been the gradual and effect "change" to the American Psyche since the 1960s. The "free love" movement, the "up the man" movement". The protests against the Vietnam War. That's where this fucking shit started.

    Now that same group is in charge and they are laying the "conspiracy" at the feet of George HW Bush, his family and blaming a group of rich guys?

    (I didn't watch the video, and I won't, don't care).

    Somewhere in that video, they likely mention Oil, Global Warming, the Saudis, and America's complicity in the whole thing.

    In reality.... America WAS great once.

    Now we're a fucking third world country with pockets of civilization still bubbling to the top.

    Go to Chicago, Detriot, LA/Watts, large swaths of New York City, New Jersey cities, and anywhere in the deep south to see the horrible conditions, the loss of jobs, the effects of unemployment, the people living in poverty. Don't think we're "Third World" status yet? LOOK at those places.

    I know that where you live is not First world so you KNOW what I'm talking about here.

    We are doomed if Clinton gets into office. The bullshit will continue to build until something breaks. Either we march on Washington DC and remove every so-called "leader" (they aren't our LEADERS< they WORK FOR US) or we give us and become the next great book in a series called "The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization" - assuming there's anyone left in a few hundred years to do the work, books aren't burned and computers and technology haven't crashed to nothing again.

    My take on "conspiracy" of 9-11? It was indeed a conspiracy. My Muslims. Period.
    Libertatem Prius!

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    Default Re: 911

    I don't mean to be a dick but we're not going to do 9/11 conspiracy BS on here. There's a lot of other places that will allow it.

    In the 15 years since 9/11 every bit of conspiracy crap that has popped up has been debunked. There's really nothing to discuss about it.

    I watched events unfold that morning with my own 2 eyes and entertaining this stuff does nothing but sully the memories of those Americans that died that day and those that have lost their lives or suffered serious permanent injury, of which my brother was almost one, in service of defending this country from Islamic terrorist scum.

    Again, sorry but 9/11 conspiracy, except for debunking the idiots in favor of it like the video's author, is out of bounds on here.

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