Twitter is slowly purging conservatives, Libertarians and Right Wing people. They are dead set on removing anyone who is of the "White Privilege Crowd" (Meaning "White Nationalists" or Nazis (ok, whatever), white people in general, Baby Boomers, men especially, people who are gun owners, 2A supporters, etc)

I've been personally banned there several times over the past few weeks for hours at a time.

One guy I know has been banned about a dozen times. Usually as soon as he gets back on, they nuke him again.

Facebook is doing the same thing.

There is a new platform called Gab (

If you're not on it, I suggest you create an account even if you don't use it. Grab your favorite @handle and create the account, and follow me (@RealAmericanPatriot) and I'll follow back. You can see my posts.

I'll add you to my private "room" if you like and we can use it like a live chat room if you're online.

So please join us there.

We're trying to grow the system. Up to about 400,000 users now I believe.


No Ads. No crap. Lots of "free speech" some of which you might not like, so you can Mute someone, but you aren't going to be censored at all.

Please send me a private message when you get there