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Thread: Active Shooter in Cincinnati?

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    Default Active Shooter in Cincinnati?

    CINCINNATI Cincinnati police said they are investigating reports of an active shooter situation in downtown Cincinnati.
    Police said they are actively investigating reports of a shooter at Fifth Third Bank at 511 Walnut Street in the lobby and loading dock.

    It's near Fountain Square, which has been closed to foot traffic at this time.
    An officer at the scene said there are at least two, and possibly more, people who've been shot. It wasn't clear immediately if the shooter was one of them.
    Officials with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said that they have received at least four victims.
    According to Cincinnati councilman P.G. Sittenfeld, "Multiple shot, and tragically there are fatalities."
    Streets around the building at the city's Fountain Square were closed Thursday morning, as were sidewalks.

    Several other nearby buildings are on lockdown as police investigate.
    Sen. Rob Portman has released a brief statement as details develop, saying in part, "My staff and I are following the situation in Cincinnati. If you're downtown, please follow first responder instructions for the safety of everyone involved. Jane and I hope for a peaceful resolution soon."
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    Default Re: Active Shooter in Cincinnati?

    Been a crazy last couple days (getting ready for an event at my buddy's gun range) so I didn't have a chance to get here and post about it.

    Thankfully 5/3 isn't one of my customers I service any more and I was nowhere near the area when this happened.

    I am, however, very familiar with the place since I've been to it many times.

    Cincy PD did an excellent job responding to the threat and ending it damn fast.

    Here's footage of the incident from 5/3 CCTV and CPD body cam:

    At first it sounded like the incident occurred at the 5/3 branch but after seeing the footage it was at the actual 5/3 HQ. Here's a Google Maps shot of the area in 3D.

    The Potbelly's seen in the video is right at the L of the buildings. The 5/3 branch is more near the visitor center marker. And the 5/3 HQ entrance is pretty clear.

    Good to see all those "No Weapons" stickers on 5/3's doors did such a great job saving people!

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