N. Korea: China Conducts Nighttime Missile Exercises Near Mt. Baekdu(Changbai)
Yonhap News ^ | 08/01/06 | Chung Juho

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China Conducts Nighttime Missile Exercises Near Mt. Baekdu(Changbai)

Unusual military activities in Sino-N. Korean border area

(Hong Kong = Yonhap News) Chung Juho correspondent = China, which has been claiming Mt Baekdu as its territory and carrying out 'Mt. Changbai Project,' recently conducted large-scale nighttime missile launch exercises around Mt. Baekdu.

The Internet edition of Jiefang Junbao, PLA's official newspaper, reported on Aug. 1st that, around 9:23pm, July 25, an artillery unit belonging to Shenyang Military District conducted nighttime missile launch exercises under difficult weather condition.

All 23 missiles launched reportedly scored confirmed hit on airborne and ground targets.

The exercises included the shoot-down of airborne targets such as helicopters under bad weather condition at night. This is analogous to the situation where N. Korea launched missiles on July 5, under bad weather condition, in early morning.

The newspaper did not reveal what scenario this exercises are for, but attention is paid to the possibility that the recent N. Korean missile crisis caused China to keep its distance from N. Korea and started the earnest development of Mt. Baekdu area.

It reported that five experts from military schools were invited to attend the exercise and evaluate the training, and PLA's combat ability using electronic information was shown to have markedly improved.

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