Syrian Baath Party and Belarusian Communist Party Join Forces
On 17. 5. 2006 Assistant Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Abdullah al-Ahmar held party session with a delegation from the Belarusian Communist Party headed by the party's First Secretary Tatiana Golubeva joint relations between the two parties within the framework of the cooperation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with cooperation ties between the two countries and with each party's role in developing the bilateral relations connecting Syria and Belarus.

The two parties criticized polices followed by the world dominating powers and Zionism through exerting political and economic pressures on countries that do not comply with them.

He stressed the Syrian national unity under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, pointing Baath's activities and the role of national progressive front with its parties enhancing this unity.

He also said that Syria is committed to stability, just and comprehensive peace in the region in accordance with the international legitimacy that aim to end wars in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine.

Golubeva previewed the prominent development in Belarus pointing to the success of Loukachenko in the Latest election and his confronting to the external pressures.

For their part, the Belarusian delegation expressed appreciation over Syria's current reform process, pointing out to the Syrian people's ability to face all aggressive campaigns targeting their identity and pan-Arab stances.