AK-47-Wielding Home Invaders Illegal Aliens
One of two teen-agers arrested in South Texas for a string of home invasions while wielding AK-47s has been identified as an illegal alien, previously deported who lied about his age being tried as an adult for the attacks, which also include a drive-by shooting and a sexual assault.

The sheriff's department in the Rio Grande Valley now believes one of the attackers is a 19-year-old adult and not the 16-year-old juvenile he claimed when he was arrested. His accomplice is believed to be 16.

The suspect's fingerprints matched that of a 19-year-old Mexican national who had been previously deported for illegally entering the country, said Sheriff Lupe TreviƱo.

TreviƱo added the teen had illegally entered the country two other times under an alias and used a birth date saying he was a minor to avoid incarceration and prosecution for multiple illegal entries.

TreviƱo said the 16-year-old is also an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

The two suspects were arrested Aug. 10 in connection with a 24-hour crime wave that included three home invasions, a drive-by shooting and a sexual assault. TreviƱo said the teens entered the three homes with what victims identified as AK-47 assault rifles.

The two are each facing possible charges of attempted murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.