New Hampshire Police Chief Says He Isn't Done Fighting Illegal Immigration
CONCORD, N.H. --The police chief who made national news by charging an illegal immigrant with trespassing says he isn't done yet, despite a judge's ruling that his methods were unconstitutional.

New Ipswich Chief Garrett Chamberlain, who spoke at a celebration for the signing of the Constitution on Sunday, said he is investigating other methods to discourage illegal immigrants.

He said he is paying special attention to a law that fines businesses $1,000 for every day they employee such people. He said he also will ask the attorney general to set up a task force on the issue.

Last month, a judge dismissed trespassing charges against several illegal immigrants, disagreeing with Chamberlain and Hudson Chief Richard Gendron who used the law because they were frustrated by lax federal enforcement.

Chamberlain had started the tactic in April when Jorge Mora Ramirez's car broke down along a road. An officer found Ramirez with fake identification and a Mexican driver's license, police said.

Chamberlain has said this is a matter of national security.

Chamberlain was among the featured speakers for the New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies' annual celebration of the signing of the Constitution, along with Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the minuteman Project, and Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who has come under fire recently from some Hispanic groups for his calls for tougher immigration enforcement and a proposal to tax some of the money immigrants send outside U.S. borders.

Tancredo gave Chamberlain an award earlier this year, calling him a hero for charging an illegal immigrant with trespassing.