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Shots Fired at Campo, CA ^ | 9/7/2006 | Campo Minutemen

Shots Fired at Campo
A van of crossers reportedly tried to run over a border patrol agent in Smith Canyon this morning and the border patrol agent reportedly fired shots. No one was hurt and the vehicle was later stopped.
Media source states it was a suspected smuggling vehicle
>From JJ:
I just called Kingfish on the Campo Line for an update on the incident this morning out there. According to Kingfish," a van full of illegals attempted to escape from a B.P. Agent by running him down on Shocky Truck Trail, near where it intersects with Highway 94. The agent fired shots at the van as it attempted to escape. The van was apprehended on 94 west of Forrest Gate Road a short time later. The illegals inside said they had infiltrated into the USA through Smith Canyon, an area not currently being patrolled by the Campo MM due to lack of manpower, and just east of the areas currently under patrol by the Campo MM." Kingfish has just adjusted his position to be able to watch the South end of Smith Canyon.
Reporting history as it is being made, J J Campo MM

Rec'd via email:
There was a shooting this morning near Shockey TT and Far Valley Rd. A truck loaded with narcotics was seized but the driver (Hispanic male with a crew cut) managed to TBS.