The code to understanding Antichrist is, "they went out from us but they were not of us."

It has been suggested that the 200 million man Army comes out of China to attack Israel as a sign of the last days.Their is another possibility:
Their was another epoch in human history that was in many respects an kind of end time itself, one which lead to a new dark ages in Europe and was a very important reason for the Fall of the Roman Empire as it were, this event was .... the 'Coming of the Huns'..
. ... from the Gothic account of the Huns. " We have ascertained that the nation of the Huns , who surpassed all others in atrocity, came thus into being. When Filimer , fifth King of Sweden, was entering Scythia, with his people, as we have before described, he found among them certain sorcerer women, whom they call in their native tongue Aliorumnas, or Al-runas, whom he suspected and drove forth from the midst of his army into the wilderness. The unclean spirits that wander up and down in desert places , seeing these women, made concubines of them, and from this union sprang that most fierce people of the Huns who were at first little , foul ,emanciated creatures, dwelling among the swamps ,possessing only the shadow of human speech by way of language...... Nations whom they would never have vanquished in fair fight fled horrified from these frightful --- faces I can hardly call them , but rather ---shapeless black collops of flesh , with little points instead of eyes. No hair on thier cheeks or chins gives grace to adolescence or dignity to age, but deep furrowed scars instead down the sides of their faces, show the impress of the iron which with characteristic ferocity they apply to every male that is born among them .... They are little in stature, but lithe and active in their motions, and especially skilful in riding , broadshouldered, good at the use of a bow and arrows, with sinewy necks, and always holding their heads high in their pride"
If a 200 million man army arises the reality is that those troops may not be born from the stock of the human genome. As odd as it might be to believe it is possible that at the sound of a trumpet those whole dwell in the spirit realm could come as the invaders who took the civilized world by storm called the Huns whose leader Attila enjoyed being called the 'angst of god'.

The Antichrist code.... is Not about a System, one governing over Temple Mount as the Hebrews thought, but rather is foretelling , a message telling us of those who have come and will come as invaders from the ethreal realm. These are manifested beings , They have No faces , are Not with Individual faces of personification , they are of our origin , that is from our cosmic origin, but are Not blessed by the meanings of the Timebound creation so they come to enter the time bound realm , not as finite members born for the purpose of freedom of self-expression, but rather they enter as it's destroyers; of those things that Christs and all moral ideals speak of the ideology of' humanity to man ' or that is ' humanity from 'soul to soul' .