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August 16, 2007

Storage Co.'s Pro-Choice Billboard Causes Uproar

Ad Featuring Coat Hanger Adds Fuel To Heated Debate

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Manhattan Mini Storage often uses liberal messages in its billboards, reflecting the politics of a city in which three-quarters of voters picked John Kerry over George Bush in 2004.

Manhattan Mini Storage is not afraid to inject political opinions into its ad campaigns. However, its latest, a pro-choice billboard featuring a coat hanger, has angered many people, especially those on the other side of the abortion issue.

Brendan Keefe
(CBS) NEW YORK They're ads you may have seen around New York City. They're supposed to be promoting storage, but they have a political and comical edge to them.

But their latest ad doesn't have too many people laughing.

Its billboards have always been edgy, but has Manhattan Mini Storage gone over the edge?

The ad causing controversy depicts a coat hanger and takes a stance on abortion, along with the slogan: "Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose."

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the backlash to come.

"These billboards, we think they're absolutely disgusting," said Kiera McCaffrey of the Catholic League.

"Or one thing, it's strange enough that this company feels the need to advertise their pro-abortion stance on their billboards for mini-storage units, but the fact that they have to do it in so vile a way."

Outrage and support predictably follow the established battle lines in America's long standing fight over abortion rights.

"We like the creativity, and we think it's an eye opener as well as engaging people in dialogue," said Silvia Henriques of the National Latina Institute.

Manhattan Mini Storage often uses liberal messages in its billboards, reflecting the politics of a city in which three-quarters of voters picked John Kerry over George Bush in 2004. Some of the billboards that can be seen around the city include:

* The catch-phrase, "The Democrats Cleaned The House ... Now It's Your Turn," superimposed over an elephant carrying a suitcase.

* The catch-phrase "Your Closet's Scarier Than Bush's Agenda," appearing on a confidential document.

But does the image of a coat hanger cross the line? Manhattan Mini Storage declined to comment.

New Yorkers, much like the rest of the country, seem split on the issue.

"I think it's kind of edgy," one woman said. "It's witty. It's OK."

Others say it's about choice -- not over abortion, but where they spend their money.

"If their service is something that I need, then I'll use it," one person said. "What their politics are doesn't really bother me. That's why we're America."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Or a lie. If it doesn't bother people what the political line is, then those people are stupid and/or vote that way. Proclaiming that the rights of some people justifies killing voiceless, innocent human beings is 100% nazi mentality. And it sickens me and pisses me off royally that this is found representative of a large number of Americans. I mean, it's one thing to feel like you have to make such a horrible choice, it is absolutely disgusting and unthinkable that it is advertised as if the idea of pro-human baby killing is normal and acceptable in society. Furthermore, that it is advertising that is considered to be "witty" by our citizens is a disgusting disgrace in our country. Regarding all forms of abortion but particularly the partial birth sucking out the brains while the infant is partially couldn't do such things to an animal and yet dismembering human life is now a billboard advertising joke??? You tell me that isn't the same thing as the desensitizing and immoral WWII Nazi propoganda! #@&**^%$#@*!!!