Illegal 'Hits American Jackpot' With $44,000 Job, Crime Spree
An illegal alien twice deported by the U.S. "hit the jackpot" on his third try, gaining a job paying $44,000 a year and a federal loan helping him to buy a home in North Carolina.

Now, the 24-year-old Mexican is accused of terrorizing American women, as authorities believe he committed up to nine rapes in addition to other crimes.

According to the Greensboro News and Record, Gilberto Cruz Hernandez of Mexico was caught and ousted from the United States twice, but was able to gain entry a third time, and secure employment with a printing company in North Carolina's Piedmont area.

Ironically, "the same federal government that twice deported him put its financial might behind a $123,000 Federal Housing Administration loan that allowed him to buy a brand-new house in Winston-Salem," the paper notes.

And even though he was ticketed 11 times for speeding and other driving infractions, none of the stops resulted in his detention as an illegal alien, a prior deportee or a potential threat to public safety.

"I'm not saying that we think everybody who is doing this is a terrorist," Randy Jones of the Alamance County Sheriff's Department told the paper. "But you don't have to be extremely intelligent to figure out where this all could lead if it can be done by some Juan Doe who might not even be able to read or write.

"What's to stop an al-Qaida operation from doing exactly the same kind of thing, only with more financing so they can do it even better? This isn't anti-Hispanic or anti-immigrant. It's anti-crime, and we better get a handle on it."

Jones says even though his department does background checks for those of questionable nationality, the federal system can take up to two weeks to respond.

"They say you don't have the guy you thought. He's this other person and he's a criminal, illegal alien who was deported on drug-trafficking charges," Jones said. "But by then, he's bonded out (on the local charge) and long gone."

"He did have a North Carolina license issued in July of this year," Capt. Gary Hastings of the Greensboro Police Department told the paper last month.

As WorldNetDaily reported, North Carolina's requirements to obtain a driver's license are weaker than those of many surrounding states, according to a performance audit of the licensing process.

Now, a political action committee called Americans for Legal Immigration is blasting the Associated Press for its lack of coverage of Hernandez and similar cases.

"Associated Press? Can you hear me?" asks president William Gheen in an open letter. "The citizens of North Carolina would really like to know this information since you so loudly proclaimed that [Gov.] Mike Easley had secured our licenses from illegal aliens during the elections of 2004. Don't you think you should announce that he deceived everyone and that illegal aliens are still getting licenses hand over fist? You have not told the state about officials in Florida and New Jersey telling us that busloads of illegal aliens come to N.C. for licenses and tags and that police in N.J. are seizing licenses from illegals hand over fist! With all due professionalism I respectfully ask that you start doing your damn job and tell the people what they need to know!"