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Thread: Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland

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    Default Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland

    Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland
    The chief commander of the Russian air force has warned Poland against involvement in the construction of an anti-missile shield. General Yuri Baluyevskyi intends to raise this issue with the Polish military during his planned visit to Warsaw. Since the parts of the Son of Star Wars system may serve to fight Russian missiles, Poland and other east European countries where they are to be installed should think about the possible consequences, the general told a Russian daily.

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    Default Re: Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland

    The "Son of Star Wars" terrestrial ABM system is defensive. That Poland would NOT seek to defend itself from incoming Russian or Iranian strategic or tactical missiles is about as absurd a notion as their is.

    Has this boob-brained Russian general forgotten the lessons taught to the Russian military by U.S. President Ronald Reagan that arms negiotiations are conducted from an absolute position of strength vice weakness? Does he think the Poles enjoyed their 50-some odd years of Russian communist domination and dictatorship?

    Er, excuse me, General Yuri Baluyevskyi ...

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    Default Re: Russian Air Force Chief Warns Poland

    If Russia has indeed changed its colors then why would it care if Poland set up what is obviously a defensive element? That's like saying round about that we will shortly return to the days of communism so stay ready for our invasion forces. F! Them. We should offer to let Poland fly our flags as a sign of our protection. Like we did with Kuwait in the early 90's. Time to slap down Russia again I can see.

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