One of my friends sent me this, I am not sure if anyone is interested , but here is the info.

<Missouri SSB Traffic Net 3,963 M-F 5:45pm>

After MO SSB net COMES this one on sundays same Freqs.

THE MISSOURI EMERGENCY SERVICES NETEVERY SUNDAY AT 6:30 P.M. Local Time (and during emergencies)
3963 Khz. (alternate daytime: 7263 Khz +/- qrm)

* Who? ALL HAMS in Missouri and contiguous states, whether or not officially affiliated with specific ham emergency/disaster group such as RACES, ARES, MARS, SKYWARN etc., who are interested in providing emergency/disaster communications for served groups such as local, county, state government; Red Cross; Salvation Army; etc.
* GOAL #1: Check-ins from EVERY Missouri county/district.Pass the word.
* GOAL #2: Accept and encourage relays from your local area VHF/APRS/PACKET nets/stations. Bring "relay" check-ins to MESN from your local nets/stations contacted before and during MESN.
* GOAL #3:Give several volunteer stations in each area experience in being net control for Sunday net sessions so they're comfortable, on their own authority, to convene the net anytime in emergency/disaster situations. (Net control is NOT a fatal disease, all have survived it.)

MESDN - Missouri Emergency Services Digital Net
*Time: Sunday evenings, 7:15 pm CST
*Frequency: 3.595 MHz LSB in PSK31 mode, 1000 Hz +/- on the waterfall.
*Who: Missouri ARES members and all other interested parties.
* Primary mode: PSK31. Other modes may be tried after stations check in (e.g., MFSK, MT63, RTTY, SSTV, Amtor, etc.).
* Purposes:
-Training, exercise, & discussion of use of digital communication modes for emergency communications.
*Contact: Direct questions & comments to Larry Trullinger, KBØEMB, Net Manager at
- The MESDN also serves as an additional venue for National Traffic System messages.
- For more information see the MESDN website at