I know this board has moved from an active community to more of a historical repository of information but I still want to keep certain events alive, like changing the home page to each of those killed 21 years ago today.

If I'm honest, this 9/11 has kind of snuck up on me between work and the rapidly changing world events of Ukrainian victories over Russia I have been trying to keep track of over the last couple days.

That said, it is no less a memorable and somber event 21 years later than it was that morning, watching helpless people jump dozens of stories to their certain death and those towers fall or, the last courageous moments on Flight 93.

I'm on a number of Conservative/2A/Patriot related mailing lists and the only 9/11 remembrance email I see in my inbox as of posting this is from my local range. Maybe now that we're 20+1 it's officially, unofficially fallen off everyone's radar and people are "moving on".

That does certainly seem to be the case with the DoD: National Defense Service Medal won’t be awarded after December

So, just a reminder, it's up to each of us, anyone who is still reading anything posted here, to keep that fire of remembrance burning.

God Bless us and those we lost that day.

ETA: As of this morning, I actually did get a couple more emails from vendors you'd expect but just a handful.