I am posting a PUBLIC resgination from the Anomalies Network here because there were some issues getting it posted publically on Anomalies.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Anomalies Network, Staff Members, and visitors;

Over the course of the last few years I have had the honor and privledge of working with Mr. Olav Phillips as an Administrator, Moderator and friend on the Anomalies Network. The site has had it's ups and downs, its pain and its fun. I've been a System Operator or Administrator on BBSes now since 1982, and loved every minute of it. Even the flame wars, the trolls and the friends (and yes, even a few enemies) I've gained.

Today it is with heavy heart that I am going into retirement from Anomalies. I have many hobbies, and my "real life" is taking it's toll on even my health at the moment. I can not continue in the capacity I have as Chief Administrator for Anomalies, thus, I am moving on to deal with some real life issues and to pursue some other hobbies with more attention than I have in the past.

I would like to thank every person who has ever posted on the Anomalies Network for their contributions. I'd like to thank Richard Hoagland for being both a friend and an enemy. The same goes for Art Bell, Clyde Lewis and a few others. For those of you who made my life "as miserable" as you possibly could, Porque, Jools, Kalter, Mary, Grant Nelson, Tripp, Wiolaw and diverse others (some of whom are actually the same people), just to name a few, I do appreciate your candore, your pride in being as outspoken as you possibly could and making my daily visits to Anomalies a challenge. No matter what I've ever said to any of you publically in the past, I have a deep respect for anyone who takes a strong stand on their personal beliefs, and almost every one of you has had a private conversation with me -- so you all know my "Public Face" is not exactly the same as my "Private Face".

A great number of the posters on this site I have never gotten the chance to speak to directly, but even if I've never had personal contact with you, I am aware of your contributions. I've read every message on this site, every thread I've visited and I've seen the messages you all post. I have spent more time on Anomalies in the past few years than I have at my job at work. I have the site up at home at all times and read everything. Sometimes I don't really get what the gist of some of the messages is, but that's my fault for not taking more time to research everything that pops up. (I DO research all the time, internet as well as library research, and my spare time has been taken up by this for so many years I should be on the list of "Top Ten Researchers" on the planet...)

It has been my pleasure and honor to serve this site as administrator, moderator and poster. I may continue to drop in from time to time and post occasionally, but I will no longer act as moderator or admin for Anomalies Network as of today. You may still PM me at Anomalies and I will check in every few days. Some of you have my email addresses, and I'm really not all that difficult to locate should you ever wish to speak to me in person, or via phone. Last note on this, I'm not retiring just to come back later. I'm leaving this position permanently. Phil has assumed command for the time being and Olav and he will work out staffing details and so forth. I'm just tired, I need to rest.

I finally would like to thank Olav Phillips, one of the best friends I have on the planet for the opportunity to have assisted in this site, building it up and making it the epitome of the Anomalies community it is today.

May the life of the Anomalies Network be a long one, destined for great things. May all the works, posts and messages you've all posted over the years remain as a legacy of the Internet for as long as the Internet lives. I would appeal to Olav and the site admins to ensure the longevity of this site through out the future and all of the work we all accomplished be kept as a historical record for ... well, forever.

Good luck to all, God Bless and may the light of New Year bring peace, joy and happiness to each and every one of you no matter who you are, where you sit reading this, or even... how you might feel about me.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year everyone.

Rick Donaldson
Formerly (Cheif) Administrator for the Anomalies Network