1. Keep your For Sale thread updated! Make sure you clearly mark the availability of items (i.e. if an item is sold). Again, updates should be made by editing your first post and not by posting additional messages to the thread. Notice of updates should be listed in the thread title for clarity (i.e. *UPDATED: xx/xx/xxxx*)
  2. Items should have a price clearly listed. Pictures are always good!
  3. Sales of firearms and weapons are allowed however all sales need to follow Federal, State, and Local laws.
  4. Thread bumps (posting a new message to the thread to move it to the top) are allowed however, no thread author bumps within 72 hours per bump. Doing so will garner a 6 day (144 hour) lock of the thread. Replies by other users with valid questions/comments/"I'll take it"/"You've got mail" posts are okay. No overt bumping from other members. Sellers can respond to valid questions/comments/etc. and not be dinged with violating the bumping rule. You may bump your thread for an update notice so long as it doesn't violate the 72 hour rule.
  5. No trashing members For Sale ads (i.e. complaining about prices, etc.). If there is a problem, that member can contact either the seller or staff for resolution.
  6. TAA isn't held responsible for bad deals on either side (i.e. non-delivering sellers or non-paying buyers) though a bad deal may result in the user's account being locked. This is a use at your own risk forum.
  7. Violation of these rules or the TOS may result in loss of privileges of using the For Sale forum for an amount of time to be determined by Site Staff or possibly an account lock.