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Thread: lava fountain on Jupiter's moon Io

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    Default lava fountain on Jupiter's moon Io

    Explanation: A lava fountain shooting over a kilometer high has been discovered on Jupiter's moon Io. The robot Galileo spacecraft orbiting Jupiter photographed the volcanic eruption during its close flyby of the moon late last month. The fountain is visible in the above mosaic of images from the flyby. The lavaplume was so bright it saturated Galileo's camera, and so has been digitally reconstructed in false color. The hot lava appears to be shooting from a 20-kilometer long canyon on Io's active surface.

    Edit: Note, pic was from December 20, 1999. I just thought it cool.
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    Default Re: lava fountain on Jupiter's moon Io

    Too bad we can't flit around our solar system...some of this stuff would be beyond amazing to watch.
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