Santaís Grandson

Having a famous relative in the family has its benefits, I will grant you that. Though this end of the workshop has itís downside too. Not that working in the reindeer stables is a bad thing, it just doesnít seem as glamorous as you might think.

Most folks donít realize that Santaís reindeer poop is chocolate and someone still has to clean the stables, namely me, Santaís grandson. While Grandpa normally tastes each and every cookie, a lot of them make their way to the reindeer and being magical flying reindeer it usually takes about four months after Christmas before they are regular again. Like I told you there is a downside to this end of the workshop.

Dasher and Dancer are pretty much prima-donas. Prancer and Vixen are pretty laid back. Comet and Cupid never give me a hard time, but Dunder and Blixem can be a handful. I suppose you know them as Donner and Blitzen, but I normally call them by their nicknames, I am funny that way. As for the golden boy, Rudolph, well he usually stays at Grandpa and Grandmaís house. Itís all part of that going green thing, the Grand folks use him for a night light.

Pop and the Uncles get the sled maintaince job. Upkeep on that bad boy is an ongoing thing, but with the new GPS they installed a few years back D-Day is a lot faster. Delivery Day is shop speak for Christmas in case you didnít already know.

Grandpaís other grandson, my cousin works as a representative for the Elfís Union. He is more educated than me and enjoys that type of work. Although I know for a fact the Elves are not amused by his humming Newmans Short People all the time, but you would have to know him to understand his humor.

Well thatís about it for now, busy time of the year donít you know. D-Day will be here before you know it,
Merry Christmas
Santaís Grandson

Richard Clause
aka "Luke"

Interesting sidebar, Grandpa's given name was Santa.
Merry Christmas to all !