View Poll Results: Should Confederate casualties be counted among American losses?

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  • Yes. They were Americans and the U.S. never said otherwise.

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  • No. Because they seceded they were no longer Americans in those years.

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Thread: Confederate soliders

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    Default Confederate soliders

    This was a poll on of all places a sports room, but I found it quite perplexing.

    When examining casualties among American soldiers in various battles and wars, should Confederate soldiers in the U.S. Civil War be counted as American casualties or not?
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    Default Re: Confederate soliders

    Those entities that went out of the Union ceased to exist as the States only exist as states United.
    To them maybe...the north did not recognize their secession. At no point was the accepted status a divided nation.
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    Default Re: Confederate soliders

    The Civil War was an American war... of course they are American dead soldiers.
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    Default Re: Confederate soliders

    I took a while to ponder the question. It was a good one I had not considered before!

    Then I was able to sum it up succinctly.

    Since we accepted the secessionist states back into the Union (by warfare), we in turn also accepted those citizens (alive and dead) back in as well. Although entry into the Union is voluntary by each state, Lincoln brought them (rightly or wrongly) back into the Union by force.

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