China Producing Anti-Missile Systems
China is now producing indigenous versions of Russia's advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system known as the S-300, a Turkish newspaper reported last week.

The Milliyet newspaper stated that Turkey is interested in purchasing the Russian-designed missiles from China.

Gen. Liang Guanglie, the Chinese military chief of staff, made the disclosure during the visit to Ankara.

Liang met with Turkish chief of staff, Gen. Hilmi Ozkok, and discussed the missile sale.

Turkey is interested in buying Russian-designed S-300 TMU systems that are produced in China and designated as HQ missiles. They have a range of 56 miles and can be used for land, sea and air defense.

China's S-300 V missiles, known as HQ-111, have a range of between 4 and 44 miles and can shoot down some short-range missiles. China also is offering a 9-mile range Red Leader PL-9 missile that is deployed on aircraft.