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Thread: Goodell Admits NFL is Socialist

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    Default Goodell Admits NFL is Socialist

    Heard this on Rush's show earlier.

    One more reason to hate Goodell if you don't already.

    Goodell Admits NFL is Socialist
    January 30, 2012


    RUSH: We got a sound bite, by the way, from Roger Goodell, the commish, explaining that the NFL shows the greatness of socialism.

    I mentioned that once a long, long time ago. I talked about how the NFL is an example of socialism, and I remember shortly thereafter I was a guest in Green Bay of the Packers, and one of the members of the Packers board of directors came up to me and was seething. "The NFL is not socialism! You were terribly incorrect when you pointed that out. No! There's no way. You can't call the NFL socialist." I said, "I'm simply talk about how you share the revenue. Everybody ends up with the same amount of TV money. The TV money comes in and you divvy it up equally between all 32 teams." I said, "That's how a team like Green Bay can stay competitive and pay people." But Goodell claims it's a combo of socialism and capitalism that makes the NFL what it is. Here, let me grab the bite. It's the last one. It's number 25. 60 Minutes did a profile last night on Goodell, NFL commissioner. It was Steve Kroft. He said, "Under league rules, the teams are required to share most of the revenue with each other, which is always a sticking point with some of the most successful franchises, and the more politically conservative owners. I mean, that's socialism, isn't it, Mr. Commissioner?"

    GOODELL: It is a form of socialism. And it's worked quite well for us. So we try to combine socialism and capitalism. How can we socialize by sharing our revenue in a way that will allow every team the ability to compete.

    RUSH: Now, you go in and tell some of the Packers board of directors members that they're socialists and they will flip a wig. Well, they did back in the nineties when I was in there.


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    Default Re: Goodell Admits NFL is Socialist

    If it were not so true that would be one of the funniest political cartoons I have seen in a long time!

    Considering how much money is spent on the NFL, as much as it pains me to say so I beileve Goodell is correct in the statement that "So we try to combine socialism and capitalism."
    "Still waitin on the Judgement Day"

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