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    Default Victory garden

    Back in the day my folks used to tell me of things called victory gardens. This came at a time when rationing was in effect. Ms. Luke enjoys growing plants so this has turned into quite a project. So far all I have invested is some sweat equaty. I ran the tiller did some watering and pulled a few weeds. Ms. Luke has been the brains behind this endeavor. She has done a fairly good job in my somewhat biased opinion. So far the only expense has been a slight increase in the cost of the water bill. Most of the plants and seeds were minimal. Here is a list of our homegrown produce. I wonder if any of the membes of this board do any victory gardening? Oh, the garden that is not in containers is in an area that is 20X30 feet.

    So far we have harvested:
    green squash
    yellow squash
    green beans
    wax beans
    4 different kinds of tomatoes
    musk melons
    brussel sprouts(not ready for harvest,yet)
    et potatoes (also not ready for harvest)
    green bell peppers
    red bell peppers
    bak choy
    pablano peppers

    We bought 20 dozen ears of corn for $20, which we took off the cob. We have about 40 lbs of kernnel corn in the freezer.

    Ms. Luke has been using 2 different kinds of breadmachines so we have only purchased 2 or 3 loaves of bread this summer.

    Coupled with our 8 chickens for eggs, we have been living fairly frugaly, if that is a word?

    I am thinking next year of a copper based machine for making fuel, I may be completing the hillbilly cycle.
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